Frequently Asked Questions

Error: Precompiled module at /opt/.kindling/ is not found

Problem description and logs

If the kindling pod is not running normally, you can use the following command to check the logs.

kubectl logs --tail=100 -f kindling-agent-xxxx -c kindling-agent -n kindling
* Mounting debugfs
* Failure to find a BPF probe, try to load kernel probe
* Unloading kindling-falcolib-probe, if present
* Trying to find precompiled kindling-falcolib-probe for 4.19.1-1.el7.elrepo.x86_64
* Error: Precompiled module at /opt/.kindling/ is not found, and the agent will not work as expected
Start kindling probe...
Unable to load the driver
kindling probe init err: error opening device /host/dev/kindling-falcolib0. Make sure you have root credentials and that the kindling-falcolib


  1. You must install the kernel headers manually first.

For Debian-style distributions, run the command:

apt-get -y install linux-headers-$(uname -r)

For RHEL-style distributions, run the command:

yum -y install kernel-devel-$(uname -r)

Of course, you can also download RPM files manually to install the header files.

  1. Rebuild the Kindling Agent image.
bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"

The product of this step is an image. Please ensure that the image can be accessed by the k8s cluster node. Maybe you can upload the image to a private harbor, or compress it and distribute it to each node of the k8s cluster. (You should set the imagePullPolicy of kindling-agent to IfNotPresent when compress and distribute image.)

  1. Finally, modify the image name of Kindling Agent.
kubectl set image ds/kindling-agent kindling-agent=kindlingproject/kindling-agent:latest-bymyself -n kindling

Error: Prometheus cannot match error

Problem description and logs

After executing the script The following error occurred:

error: unable to recognize "kindling-prometheus-servicemonitor.yml": 
no matches for kind "ServiceMonitor" in version""


If you have not installed Prometheus, please visit Prometheus-Operatorto install it.

If you have installed Prometheus without operator, please ignore this error and manually configure the exposed metrics endpoint of Kindling Agent in Prometheus. The URL is http://localhost:9500/metrics.

kindling probe init err: xxxxxx: Permission denied

Problem description and logs

kindling probe init err: can't create map: Permission denied


insmod error:cloud not insert xxx.ko:Permission denied


  • Confirm that the kindling agent has enabled the privileged mode.
  • Confirm that SELinux is turned off on the node where the kindling agent is located. See details at Disabling SELinux.
  • Confirm that CRI is running with root privileges.