The Project Architecture

Agent Architecture

Kindling agent from detailed view can be splited into Kindling Probe and Kinding Collector.

  • Kindling Probe is composed of kernel-space modules which produce kernel events and user-space module controller which consumes kernel events and transform them into structured format, namely Kindling Events.

  • Kindling Collector process and analyze Kindling Events into metrics and traces with the kubernetes metadata, and export them to the Prometheus server.

Detailed Data Flow

The data flows with the following sequence:

  1. Kernel Events are collected from kernel space, passed through ringbuffer: eBPF module uses perf-buffer, while kernel module uses ringbuffer self-defined.

  2. In user-space, Kindling Probe correlates container information, thread information, fd information to Kernel Events (if it has, some events may fail to correlate to any thread or fd).

  3. Kindling Events will be transferred from Kindling Probe to Kindling Collector by Event Publisher through CGO.

  4. Then Kindling Collector will parse Kindling Events, judge if it’s a request or reponse, analyze its protocol, etc. Collector also aggregates requests data for sending and integrating kubernetes metadata, and finally export the yields (metrics and traces) to the Prometheus server.